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January 2017

The Nice Report - taking care of our elderly

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have published new guidelines around the care of our elderly in care homes. The report stresses that a focus on good oral hygiene could significantly improve the quality of life for many people and that funding should be made available to assist staff in assisting residents to meet their dental needs. Links to the recommendation made by the report and recommendations for staff at care homes can be accessed here.


December 2016

Christmas wishes
All the team at Citygate Specialist Dental Clinic would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some of the fantastic people who visited our clinic over the past year. We were extremely lucky to meet some inspirational people who trusted us to share their stories and their hopes. We consider ourselves very lucky to be in a position where we have the opportunity to help these remarkable individuals.

A very Merry Christmas from all of us here and wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

Your Citygate Specialist Team

Doctors warn that young children can choke on whole grapes
Doctors have advised that grapes and cherry tomatoes should be chopped in half or ideally quartered before being given to young children (under 5). The full article is available at this link.

Harvard Health reviews dental implants and dental bridges

Harvard Health, a well-respected health journal recently published a short article on dental bridges and implants as an option for replacing missing teeth. The full article is available here, sign-up or login details are not required.

November 2016

Holidays are coming!

Have the sweet treats started to appear in your workplace yet! The build up to Christmas can make the healthy option increasingly difficult. Here are some helpful tips to prepare you for the next few weeks.

 1. Beware of mince pies, Christmas cake and pudding as they are full of dried fulls which can stick to your teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay. 

2. Say cheese! Cheese helps to return the mouth to a natural acid balance and can help reduced the chances of developing tooth decay.

3. Beware of Christmas flavoured coffee drinks which often contain large quantities of sugar.

Let the holiday build up begin!

Before and after your treatment
Often it is hard to imagine what the outcome of your dental treatment will be. The article below provides some before and after pictures of people who completed their treatment at Citygate Specialist Dental Clinic. For a larger version of the article, click on the image below.

Missing Tooth Solutions_dental implants_before and after pictures 


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