Orthodontics is perhaps the most well known of the dental specialities. An orthodontist is a dental surgeon who has undergone a minimum of 3 years full time postgraduate training that makes them experts in facial aesthetics and straightening teeth and is listed on the Irish Dental Councils specialist register of orthodontists. There are many reasons why orthodontics can be necessary. These can range from correcting crowded teeth, to fixing prominent teeth, to re-alligning your bite. An orthodontist can use fixed, removable or even invisible braces to gently guide your teeth into their correct positions. As every case is different your orthodontist’s training allows them to tailor the type of treatment to your specific needs and demands.




Types of braces:

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Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces use state of the art brackets and advanced wire technologies to guide teeth into their correct positions. A number of different types of brackets can be used including metal brackets or more aesthetic clear ceramic brackets. Fixed braces often provide the best control and long-term results for teeth straightening.


Removable Braces

In certain cases (an particularly in growing children) a removable orthodontic appliance can be used guide teeth and even reposition the jaws. These appliances allow a range of different types of movements that are sometimes not possible with fixed braces.


Invisible Braces

In some cases invisible braces can be used to produce moderate amounts of tooth movement. Another option is also lingual braces which are fixed braces that are placed on the inside surfaces of the teeth and guide the teeth to the correct positions. In carefully selected cases these treatments can give you straighter teeth with virtually no visible evidence of braces.


Straight teeth due to braces

Age and Orthodontics

Age is no barrier to orthodontic treatment and patients of all ages can benefit from the rewards of orthodontic treatment. Children usually are best assessed from about 8 years on as to the need for orthodontics. Very often this can be flagged by your general dentist or a specialis paediatric dentist. The growing child provides the perfect opportunity to guide the teeth into their correct position. This gives the child and future teenager the confidence and self-esteem of a straight pleasing smile. Adult patients can also benefit from orthodontic treatment. For patients who are concerned about their crowded or prominent teeth then orthodontics can offer a solution to a lifelong problem and source of concern to the patient.

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